Reducing carbon emissions and slowing down the rate of climate change are some of the greatest challenges of our time – and the energy sector must do its part. Mitsubishi Power is constantly working to strike the balance between ensuring reliability of supply and decarbonizing power generation – with the objective of ushering in an energy future that works for people and the planet. This is the reason why we continuously pursue lower carbon options, whether designing the world’s most efficient gas turbine or working to unlock the potential for utility-scale power generation of emerging fuel sources like hydrogen and ammonia.

Gas Power
Mitsubishi Power’s J-Series Air-Cooled (JAC) gas turbine is widely recognized for its record-setting combined cycle efficiency of more than 64% and 99.6% reliability. With the current J-Series fleet amassing more than a million commercial operating hours globally, the next-generation JAC model is currently undergoing long-term validation under real-life operating conditions at our T-Point 2 facility in Japan – all in service of ensuring enhanced operability and equipment reliability

The quest to reduce emissions begins by increasing the proportion of relatively abundant, lower-carbon options to power systems. Our turbines are designed to run with a variety of fuel sources including hydrogen and ammonia. Most notably, Mitsubishi Power has achieved 30% hydrogen-fueled power generation. We are on track to achieve   100% hydrogen-firing and are working with our sister companies in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group to build more robust hydrogen supply chains and make adoption of this non-carbon fuel more feasible for all communities. 


Mitsubishi Power has a proven track record in delivering geothermal power systems, ranging in output from 100 kW to 151 MW. To date, we have supplied over 100 units of geothermal steam turbines, generating more than 3,000 MW of electricity across 13 countries. We are also the first energy solutions company in the world to apply a combined system in geothermal power generation that achieves better energy utilization, yielding high efficiency.

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Mitsubishi Power is a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.