As economies in Asia Pacific grow rapidly, so does the demand for power. At the same, there is increasing urgency to limit the impact of power generation to the environment. Yet, structural changes must be well planned and based on long-term visions with tangible milestones. Therefore, critical to the energy transition process is upgrading existing power plants and their controls to provide cleaner and more flexible power, in part to address the intermittent nature of power generation renewables. 

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Mitsubishi Power provides world-leading air quality control systems that can help mitigate the release of different pollutants, including NOx, SOx, soot and dust, into the atmosphere. With these technologies designed to reduce emissions regardless of which fuels are used, we help our customers meet their respective environmental targets. We even have pollutant control technologies for specific industries, including a marine exhaust gas clean system for large-scale container ships.

Attaining 100% zero-carbon power generation will take time. As more low-carbon fuels are introduced into the mix, Mitsubishi Power can help upgrade existing power plants to enhance stability of power generation, increase fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our high-efficiency ultra-supercritical press boilers and steam turbines with outputs of over 1,000 MW are delivering more efficient much-needed power to communities in Asia Pacific and around the world.

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Digitalization is just one part of future-proofing the world’s power systems. Download our white paper to discover the technologies needed to advance power generation in Asia Pacific and around the world, and create an energy future that works for people and the planet.

Mitsubishi Power is a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.