Mitsubishi Power White Paper - Getting More Out Of Existing Power Generation Assets

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As power producers assess their portfolios amidst rising electricity demand and skyrocketing fuel prices, one question that looms large is whether it would be better to retire existing power plants in favor of building new ones. In this white paper, Mitsubishi Power outlines reasons why power plant operators may choose to extend the life of their assets and the necessary steps to do so.  

Enhancing Existing Power Infrastructure-edit

Energy transitions cannot happen overnight, and in a diverse region like Asia Pacific, upgrading energy systems require significant investment. Mitsubishi Power offers solutions to improve the flexibility and fuel efficiency of legacy power plants,  paving the way for renewables and helping reduce the environmental impact of power generation.

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Decarbonizing Asia Pacific requires a delicate balancing act between reducing emissions and maintaining stability of power supply. Mitsubishi Power helps leverage natural resources like biomass and geothermal which are abundant in some parts of the region, while building capacity for power generation using zero-carbon fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia. These concerted efforts are key to systematically achieving a carbon-free society.

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Over 45 million people in APAC still do not have access to electricity, affecting their ability to live, work and play. With our flexible power generation equipment as well as our energy storage solutions, power can be distributed to people across the region.

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Countries in Asia Pacific need solutions that will enable them to make sense of increasingly complex patterns of energy demand and supply.  Mitsubishi Power’s TOMONI™ intelligent solutions enabled by deep technologies like Artificial Intelligence and data analytics help transform power plants to operate more efficiently, reliably and cleanly.

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Making Smarter Powerplants

Mitsubishi Power is a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.