Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in the world. Its boom has elevated the quality of life for many people. But its expansion has also dramatically increased power demand and generation, which in turn have impacted our climate.

Under these circumstances, we face a seemingly impossible choice: either to continue harnessing energy to advance our people or to restrict its usage to protect the environment. To be sure, the ways we produce and consume energy need to be better for this place we call home. But the right answer isn’t a single answer. And neither is it a simple one.

At Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific, we work with communities as they forge paths towards reliable, accessible and decarbonized power. As part of the global Mitsubishi Power family, we are expanding our imaginations to bring to life new technologies that will change our relationship with energy: The industry’s most efficient gas turbines. Technologies to reduce exhaust gas emissions. Flexible systems delivering electricity to far-flung areas. Long-term storage paving the way for more renewables to enter the grid.

We have a long history in Asia Pacific. For decades, we have been a stalwart partner to its people. From the islands of Sulawesi to the skyscrapers of Sydney, communities are on their own unique journeys towards cleaner power. This truth inspires our work to deliver end-to-end energy solutions that live up to the remarkable diversity and complexity of the region.

The coming years will surely bring their share of trials and opportunities. But as a company, we embrace these challenges. We are spurred by the belief that power is fundamental to driving progress, and today, nowhere is this potential greater than in Asia Pacific.

We hope you’ll join us as we create an energy future that works for people and the planet.

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Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific