Just as previous innovations – think solar power and digitization – transformed energy, artificial intelligence is expected to have a profound effect. By analyzing the growing data produced throughout a power plant, AI helps mitigate complexity. It can deliver insights to enhance decision-making around plant operations and maintenance. At Mitsubishi Power, we are creating the power plant of the future – the world’s first autonomous power plant, bringing customers greater flexibility, better total plant performance and improved profitability.


Mitsubishi Power’s proprietary TOMONITM intelligent solutions transform power plants into big-data powerhouses that can provide insights to heighten plant flexibility and help with predictive analysis for optimal plant performance and flexibility. Part of this customizable suite is TOMONITM Voice, our Alexa-like voice platform, enabled by artificial intelligence to help plant operators understand and translate real-time big data to actionable insights to transform power generation. No need to dig through dense manuals or search through a labyrinth of online systems. In an instant, the plant will be able to tell operators what they need to know so they can act on real-time information.

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Digitalization is just one part of future-proofing the world’s power systems. Download our white paper to discover the technologies needed to advance power generation in Asia Pacific and around the world, and create an energy future that works for people and the planet.

Mitsubishi Power is a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.